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For the 12th time, Nostalgia Festival emerges from beyond the autumn horizon to stop and reflect on music. In the year of Krzysztof Komeda, his path finally crosses with Nostalgia – in his hometown, 50 years after his tragic death. From 14 to 15 October, the National Museum in Poznań will be the stage of new renditions of Komeda’s music performed by Piotr Orzechowski, Kuba Więcek, Ares Chadzinikolau and the Oles Brothers Trio. Another highlight is the first worldwide performance of Gia Kancheli’s Theatre and Cinema Miniatures for Viola and Piano. In addition, the festival programme includes films, a workshop and a meeting with the producer and director of the first feature film about Komeda.

Krzysztof Komeda was one of the best and least understood precursors of Polish modern jazz. His music went on to achieve iconic status in Poland. The composer has many interpreters who give his music a new unique dimension filled with emotion, spontaneity and refinement. For the duration of Nostalgia, the historic section of the National Museum will turn into a jazz stage where Komeda’s music will be performed in new arrangements by Ares Chadzinikolau, the Oles Brothers Trio, Piotr Orzechowski and Kuba Więcek.

The three festival nights with Komeda’s music will begin with the premiere of Komeda: takty i nietakty, a concert where Poznań-based singer, poet and pianist Ares Chadzinikolau will bring together the ‘world of Komeda’ with the pathos of Greek jazz. On the second night, the Oleś Brothers and Bartosz Pieczka will play music from their album Komeda Ahead, featuring the compositions of the legend of Polish jazz transposed to vibraphone, double bass and percussion. For the finale, pianist Piotr ‘Pianohooligan’ Orzechowski and saxophonist Kuba Więcek will give their first performance of their improvisations on the works of Komeda. Both musicians have worked together before, but this will be their first meeting at Nostalgia.

Komeda was the second, after Roman Polański, ‘father’ of Rosemary’s Baby. Film music was, in fact, his greatest love. And film is also an important part of the Nostalgia programme. The festival weekend will feature two documentaries about the composer: Komeda, Komeda directed by Natasza Ziółkowska-Kurczuk, and Komeda. A soundtrack for a life directed by Claudia Buthenhoff-Duffy. The film section will also present a recording of Tomasz Stańko and Jimmy Scott playing Komeda’s music at the Congress Hall in Warsaw.

Just like jazz, Komeda’s life was full of improvisation, unique tones and deep emotions. The first feature about the artist will soon be made by producer Jerzy Kapuściński and director Leszek Dawid who will reveal their plans for the film, some of which will be shot in Poznań.

Continuing from last year, we will revisit the works of Gia Kancheli, one of the most renowned and original composers from Georgia. Last year, the festival focused on the performance of Kancheli’s four prayers entitled Life without Christmas. This year’s special event is the world premiere of Theatre and Cinema Miniatures for Viola and Piano performed by violist Marcin Murawski from Poznań and Georgian pianist Nino Jvania.

Another recurring Nostalgia event is the workshop Criticism in Practice preparing young critics and reviewers to write about music. Held for the 5th time, the workshop is organised in cooperation with the Meakultura Foundation. Free of charge registration at zapisy@malta-festival.pl will begin on 14 October and the recruitment results will be announced on 4 November.

Free admission cards are required for the concerts at the National Museum in Poznań. These will be available from 28 October at the Cultural Information Centre (44 Ratajczaka Street). The films will be shown at the Malta Foundation centre (44 Ratajczaka Street, 1st floor). Admission free.

Nostalgia Festival is an innovative music project aiming to present to the Polish audience a contemporary circle of artists focused mainly around ECM Records. Their music is inspired by their national roots (Armenian, Estonian, Georgian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian among others) which they smoothly merge with contemporary motifs, giving them a new international quality.